Host Competition

Eastern Cape Youth Awards are around the corner and You could be the host! All you need to do is to post a short video showcasing your presenter skills & capabilities - your submission should include your name, surname, age, town or city where you come from and tell us why you think you should host the awards!

Entrants should follow and tag @ecyouthawards and use #ECYA2021 on their posts. Cash Prize of R10k is up for grabs!!!

This competition ends on the 14th of May 2021.



EC Youth Awards: 'Mntu omtsha uyafumaneka kuGoogle'

AMAWONGA okuqhwabela izindla imisebenzi eyenziwa ngabantu abatsha eMpuma Koloni aza kubanjwa ngenyanga yeSilimela kulo nyaka...


EC youth awards back after Covid disruption

The Eastern Cape Youth Awards (ECYA), which was called off last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, is back on track...


Call for nominations: Eastern Cape Youth Awards in SA

The organisers of the Eastern Cape Youth Awards (ECYAs) are calling on the public to nominate individuals ahead of this year’s awards ceremony...


In South Africa, there is generally a need to empower young people as the country’s past, created a wide gap in terms of opportunities and transformation is taking longer than expected.
The challenges faced by young people vary from unemployment, lack of education, changes in culture and societal values, political dynamics and very limited opportunities in business.
The Eastern Cape, as a rural province, not only faces these challenges but lack of resources and infrastructure doubles the burden of addressing these social ills. The greatest challenge being the movement of young people to other provinces in search for greener pastures. This does not only result in skills and brain drain but also makes it even harder to grow the economy without having people from outside the province having access to empowerment meant for locals.
As a result, we have a large number of people that do not only lack motivation but are victims of substance abuse.
There is a need for empowerment of the Eastern Cape Youth and opening a gate way to the world.


"A majority of the people that young people could look up to or inspired by, are not based in the province. This is because even though some are from the province, they had to move to other parts of the country to attain the “glory”.
The above causes a challenge where young people have no access to role models and that results to most believing that such success is nothing but a distant dream. This mentality breeds the get rich quick attitude because nobody knows of hard work and have only been exposed to its end result without any explanation on how such success came about."

- B Tonise (Founder- EC Youth Awards)

Host Competition Countdown

2021/04/14 - 23H59